Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dad made me a new toy this morning. It was pathetic. All he did was cut off some aluminium paper and scrunch it up. Oh sure, I chased it, and it does move fast on our big shiny tiles, but dad, come on! We all know mouses are much better toys. I gave up chasing after about two minutes. Then dad had to get the "toy" out from under the couch. Ha, that will teach him!

I'm so deprived. Can someone call the RSPCA?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have plenty of nicknames. You probably don't even realise it but Huffle Mawson is one of my nicknames. My real name is Stella.

Mum called me Hufflepuff after Harry Potter because I huff at things. A lot. Then she shortened it to Huffle and added Mawson after the antarctic explorer, because I like to explore things. I am never afraid to go and check out a new place (except the v-e-t, but only crazy cats like going there). Even Salvador (grumpy old man) doesn't like going to the v-e-t.

Other nicknames: Huffy, Huffley, Huffle Telly Show Cat, Psycho Huffle, Huffel Pawson, Huffle Gump, Huffypuff, Huffley Puffley, Little Black Cat, Little Girl, Huffle Dum Dum, Huffle Maniac and any combination of the above. You can see mum and dad are not very inventive.

I know my name is Huffle, and I come when mum calls me. I don't always come when dad calls me. I don't know about being called Stella, I ignore that one.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The wasteland

I promised the Ao4 I'd post a picture of our backyard so they could compare it to theirs. So without further ado, here is our wasteland, featuring me!
As you can see, we have no grass (Meeshka's human woman would be devastated) and no pretty flowers or plants. That's petty much what both the front and back yards look like. Mum has posted some more pictures on her blog but they don't have me in them so they're not worth looking at.

And I had a question about what happened to my favourite mouse, as featured in my last post. I played with it and it accidentally got nearly de-stuffed. I am a siberian husky in disguise!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are you sure coffee in bed is a good idea?

Yesterday morning mum risked another coffee in bed, after the great coffee incident of a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm not saying that I did what my attorney-at-claw, Queen Meeshka, advised me to do, but mum did find a black hair in her cup. It wasn't hers, she has long blonde hair. It wasn't dad's (although I thought I might use that defence, as he made the coffee in question). Dad has short blonde hair. Salvador has brown and grey and white fur. Since I am the only one with black fur in the family, the finger has been pointed at me again!

*Sigh* I tell you, it's just not fair.

On the plus side, Grandpa came to visit on Friday and I let him pat me and rub my belly. I don't let anyone rub my belly, I hate it. He should feel special. He and mum watched some football game on the telly.

But even more excitingly, my favourite mouse has been found! It's the first one mum ever bought for me when I came to live here. We thought it was lost for good but mum thinks the cleaner found it on Thursday. I don't know where it's been all this time but I'm so happy to have it back. Here's a photo:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm so excited

See that badge under my title there? That means the Army of Four said I could be a trooper with them! Supreme Commander Stormy said there are some kitties like me already in their troops so I would fit right in. I'm so excited. I wonder if I will have to undertake any covert missions? Because I'm black, I can be invisible sometimes!

This morning dad had to get up at quarter to dawn (his words not mine). I think that meant at 5.30am. He was driving some friends to the airport. Mum and I stayed in bed til 6am, then she got up and I stayed in bed to guard it from intruders. You never know when Salvador might try and sneak in. He isn't to be trusted, you know. He doesn't blog, he's not black and he's not in the army. Very suspicious if you ask me.

It's a long weekend in Australia. Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and since Grandpa fought in the Vietnam War we think it's important. As far as I'm concerned, it means mum stays in bed longer because she doesn't have to go to work. But since I'm in the army now, it's important for me to recognise ANZAC Day and have an extra nap in honour of the occasion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In the army

Well, I hope to join the army. Then my army mates and I can chase Salvador away and I can get on with the business of training mum and dad properly.

In honour of my (hopefully) joining the army, here is a picture of me on guard duty. As you can see, I am carefully guarding the bed from intruders.

Oh and I should point out, this is not mum and dad's bed. Oh no, it's my very own bed in my very own bedroom. I have to guard it, you never know who might try and come in. Sometimes "visitors" use my bed but mum always asks me first and tells the "visitors" that they have to leave the door open so I can come in if I want. It's only fair.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I've had a busy weekend. Some of mum's friends came over yesterday (they didn't bring me any new mouses - this is getting out of hand) but they did play with me and tell me how pretty I am. Well duh, as if I didn't know that already.

Saturday mum did some washing so I had to supervise the clothes being hung out on the line. If I don't watch her mum gets it wrong sometimes. Then I was tired and had to have a nap. It was a nice sunny day so I lay out in the backyard and soaked up some rays.

This morning mum caught me chasing my tail again. What can I say, if I had new mouses to play with I wouldn't have to do it. Speaking of mouses, my favourite grey one has gone missing. I'm blaming Salvador. He still hates me.

Turbo has put up the new food pyramid that we all need to be aware of. I have asked if I would be allowed to substitute ham for bacon, as I really like ham. If he says no I will just eat bacon, like he says I should.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's the weekend...

... and we all know that means mum stays later in bed with her coffee (if she's game after last week he he he) and I get to sleep in with her!

This is a photo that mum took yesterday when it was nearly dusk and I was out on the balcony checking out the street. Mum has played with it a bit but I think it shows my good side!

I heard a rumour that mum went to visit Uncle Buckley last night and took some videos of him. Why? I'd be much better on TV; after all I am known as the telly show cat you know. I like to watch the cricket, especially Adam Gilchrist before he retired. I don't have a new favourite player now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy week

I've had a busy couple of days. Monday I had to do a lot of napping to make up for the great coffee incident of Sunday morning. Yesterday was a bit cold so I stayed in bed for a long time. I did have a Huffle spack late at night. That was good.

Today when mum got home from work I was still asleep in bed. She tried to take a photo of me but I got up so she couldn't. This is her trying to make me look all scary - I think I look really tough!

I wonder if Uncle Buckley would be afraid of me?

Monday, April 14, 2008


I forgot to tell you. Yesterday morning mum and I were sleeping in and she had her coffee like dad makes every Sunday for her sitting next to the bed on the little table thing and she turned over and spilt the coffee everywhere! And it was a nearly full cup.

Somehow this got blamed on me. I might have to get Echo, Siberian at Law to help me out on this one. No way was that my fault.

I just went and slept downstairs to avoid the fuss.

When will they ever learn?

My grandparents (dad's parents) came to visit last night. They didn't bring me any new mouses to play with. It's just not good enough, I had to resort to chasing my own tail for entertainment. I mean, really. But I was clever, mum got the video camera out so I just sat down and did nothing.

I had a comment from Ben the Rottie this weekend (thanks for visiting, Ben) who said that polar bears are not as good as rotties. Now I don't know much about rotties (although Ben seems very nice and friendly) but my grandpa has a dog who is nicknamed the Polar Bear (see earlier post about Uncle Buckley) and he is very scary. I think it's because my whole catness is about the size of his head. Last time he came to visit I had to hide upstairs because he is so big. So I agree with Ben, rotties are waaaay nicer than polar bears.

And besides, my mum had a rottie (called Max) and her best fried was a black cat like me! It has to be a sign.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nothing to report

It's Saturday today which means mum spends a longer time in bed in the morning, drinking the coffee that dad brings her, while he goes downstairs and reads the news online. That means I get to stay in bed too! Mum even got up and I stayed in bed!

I went out and lay in the sun during the day, but then I got tired again and went back upstairs for another nap this afternoon. I only got up when it was time for dinner.

Tomorrow I might go outside for a bit but mum says it's meant to rain so I might not. I'm a black cat, I can do what I like.

I'd like to say thanks to Turbo for visiting my blog, he is a very nice Siberian Husky from the USA who is running for President of Dogcountry. Even though he's a dog I will vote for him because he believes in many good things. I read his blog every day and so should you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Explorer Cat

On Monday night mum's new computer arrived. You know that means there were so many big boxes for me to play in! I had the best time. Mum put them all on the floor for me so I could climb in and out and in and out and run around and it was the best fun! I love boxes.

Mum hasn't made any movies of me yet, I don't think she knows how to do the videos on the blog yet. I need her to learn so she can show me so I can do it for myself.

My uncle Buckley went to the v-e-t today. He has been on a diet because he weighs 56kg. I should say he weighed 56kg. He currently weights 64.6kg. Grandma doesn't understand how this could happen when he goes on two 3km walks every day! Maybe he is just meant to be a big dog.

This is what Buckley looks like:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Winter is coming

It's much colder these days. I don't really like the cold. But it does mean that mum doesn't complain when I get under the doona.

It was a busy weekend in my house. It was dad's birthday on Saturday so everyone went out and left me at home alone (Salvador was nowhere to be seen but that's a good thing because it means he couldn't hit me over the head, like he did on Friday).

Sunday I had to do a lot of sunbaking in the backyard. Very busy times.

Mum's new computer is arriving today! That means I might be able to do videos on my blog (if mum can figure it out and explain it to me, that is).

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crazy weather

Yesterday was the windiest day in Melbourne in like a million years. Trees fell down everywhere and the trains and trams didn't run (I know because mum complained about it when she got home from work) and we had no electricity for hours! It was all dark and there was no telly to watch or anything. I could still play with my mouses though.

This morning I got under the doona with mum and dad because it was cold outside. I was so toasty! Dad was patting me and I was purring. Mum says I have a turbo purr. I haven't got a turbo so I don't know what she's talking about.