Monday, April 14, 2008


I forgot to tell you. Yesterday morning mum and I were sleeping in and she had her coffee like dad makes every Sunday for her sitting next to the bed on the little table thing and she turned over and spilt the coffee everywhere! And it was a nearly full cup.

Somehow this got blamed on me. I might have to get Echo, Siberian at Law to help me out on this one. No way was that my fault.

I just went and slept downstairs to avoid the fuss.


BenTheRotti said...

What is it with the skinfolk blaming EVERYTHING on us fur-kids.. they need to take responsibility and just admit they are clumsy goofballs.. and they are supposed to be of superior intelligence.. *sigh* .. they don't realise that us fur-kids just let them *think* that!


Ben xxxx

Shmoo said...

I too have a practice: Meeshka, Attorney at Claw. I would be more than happy to take on your case as you are clearly innocent of wrong doing. Its a shame that humans use us as excuses for their stupidity.

I would also suggest that the next time the coffee is within reach, stick your tail in it and don't let them see it.