Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Explorer Cat

On Monday night mum's new computer arrived. You know that means there were so many big boxes for me to play in! I had the best time. Mum put them all on the floor for me so I could climb in and out and in and out and run around and it was the best fun! I love boxes.

Mum hasn't made any movies of me yet, I don't think she knows how to do the videos on the blog yet. I need her to learn so she can show me so I can do it for myself.

My uncle Buckley went to the v-e-t today. He has been on a diet because he weighs 56kg. I should say he weighed 56kg. He currently weights 64.6kg. Grandma doesn't understand how this could happen when he goes on two 3km walks every day! Maybe he is just meant to be a big dog.

This is what Buckley looks like: