Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is starting to get old...

It has been a while since you've seen my face on MY blog so here I am, hanging out on the new deck.

Huffle 216

I have two pieces of news for you.

First, mum and dad are going overseas next week. You would think they would get over this travelling thing they like to do, but no. They're going to Papua New Guinea, for anyone who cares (I certainly don't). The Goon and I will be looked after by our grandparents. Grandpa said he was happy to mind me but he wasn't so sure about Teddy. HA! Teddy is also not welcome back at Boot Camp so I have to put up with him.

Second, we are going to be moving house again! Not until late December, but another move. I have spent the last year spreading my furs around this house and making it just nice (including some impressive vomit stains on the new carpet) and now I'm going to have to do it all over again in a new house! Dad says this move will be our last one for a long time, I certainly hope he means that.

So our posting will be even more spotty than usual, but maybe next year we can get back into some kind of routine. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not a good cat at all

Teddy tried to tell you all how awesome he is and how clever and funny and cute... but he left out all the stuff where he behaves like a complete doofus.

Like this:

Teddy 198

And this:

Teddy 47

And this, this and this:

Teddy 74

Teddy 72

Teddy 194

And this one:

Teddy 154

And let's not forget his finest moment since arriving in this family:

Teddy 135

Seriously. A complete doofus.