Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have plenty of nicknames. You probably don't even realise it but Huffle Mawson is one of my nicknames. My real name is Stella.

Mum called me Hufflepuff after Harry Potter because I huff at things. A lot. Then she shortened it to Huffle and added Mawson after the antarctic explorer, because I like to explore things. I am never afraid to go and check out a new place (except the v-e-t, but only crazy cats like going there). Even Salvador (grumpy old man) doesn't like going to the v-e-t.

Other nicknames: Huffy, Huffley, Huffle Telly Show Cat, Psycho Huffle, Huffel Pawson, Huffle Gump, Huffypuff, Huffley Puffley, Little Black Cat, Little Girl, Huffle Dum Dum, Huffle Maniac and any combination of the above. You can see mum and dad are not very inventive.

I know my name is Huffle, and I come when mum calls me. I don't always come when dad calls me. I don't know about being called Stella, I ignore that one.


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I have many, many nicknames. Tubey, Tibby, Tib Tub, Tubby, Turboo, Dippy, Tippy, Snippy, Buddy, Boody, Dipper, Dripper, Snipper, Flippy, Turboots, Floppy, etc etc etc...

BenTheRotti said...

Gosh, I never knew your name was Stella!! Huffle suits you down to the ground, I'm not sure about Stella though, maybe it will grow on me hehehe

I have lots of nicknames too, most of them far too embarrasing to ever admit to, but some of the more acceptable ones are.. BenBear, Bear, Puppy Pupster, Fruitloop and Fruitbat and floppy chops... and yes... they are the more acceptable ones, i shudder even thinking of revealing he rest!!

Ben xxxx