Monday, October 29, 2012

The Terrible Twos

Woohoo it's my birthday!  I am officially a BIG boy now and I am two!  Can you believe I was ever this little?

Teddy 14

And then I did awesome things like this:

Teddy 39

and this:

Teddy 35

And then I grew up and turned into a lion:

Teddy 101

And now I am a legend in my own mind:

Teddy 145
(me on the roof)

So I hope you will all stay and party! I heard a rumour there's even kitten food around for the youngsters (not that I have been able to find it).

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silly Saturday

I am sitting like a good boy.  Now please serve me my dinner at the table.

Teddy 199

Monday, October 15, 2012

Huffle Mawson's Medical Monday

Two weeks ago, I had a very bad day.  I threw up five times in one day and that is a lot for any kitty.  I also cried a bit when dad picked me up.  Dad was very worried about me (so was mum) so I had to go to the dreaded vet the next day.  I peed on the carrier while dad tried to put me in it, so he knows how I feel about that.

The vet weighed me, and I am getting smaller!  I only weight 2.95kg which is not very much at all.  I also have a dodgy hip (that is the technical term for it) from when I was badly treated as a young cat.  The vet says I am starting to get arthritis in my hip as well which makes me feel sick and very sore and tired.

So now I get to eat kitten food, which is the best food ever.  I am allowed to eat as much as I want because I am a bit on the skinny side.  Teddy is not allowed to eat any of my kitten food, despite his best efforts.  I also had a course of Meloxicam on my food, which I didn't really like but it seems to have helped as yesterday I sprinted up and down the hallway all day, having fun.  I am feeling much better now.

Huffle 105

AND I caught a mouse last week!  Well, Teddy caught a mouse and brought it in the house and let it go.  At 2am.  Mum and dad were much less excited than I was, especially since I caught it all by myself!  I wasn't happy when dad took it from me either.

p.s. that photo me is a few months old, I am looking a bit thinner and have more white whiskers these days.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Very sad news

My friend Diamond, who just celebrated his 16th birthday last week, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  I think his human could use some purrs, if you have any to spare.

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