Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ask Huffle

Prancer Pie said: Tell us about your new place.

As you may or may not know, we are going to be moving house soon.  No-one is exactly sure when, because the builders have not finished renovating the house we are moving too.

The new house is actually my mum's house, that she has owned since before she met dad.  It is only about 15 minutes drive away from here, so we are not going too far.  It was built in the 1930s and has art deco features, and it is smaller than our current house.  It has not had any maintenance done on it for ten years, so mum and dad are taking the chance to do all that stuff now, after the renters moved out and before we move in.

Our current house has two levels, but the new house has only one, so Teddy is going to be sad because he likes to run up and down the stairs like a maniac.

It will be a like a whole new house to mum, since it will have a new kitchen floor, new bathroom, new carpets and blinds, fresh paint and a few other things like air conditioning and insulation in the roof.  It has central heating already so that will be good because I like to be toasty.

The backyard has a nice high fence all around it so we should be safe out there, and mum and dad will be getting the garden done eventually so we'll have even more fun stuff to explore.

I am not looking forward to moving house but I guess as long as I have my toasty bed I will be okay.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Friday

When the sun shines, you get to get outside and roll around!

It's better if you can do it in the dirt, but really anywhere toasty warm will do.

Don't forget you can keep asking me questions!  I haven't finished answering all my questions yet, but I'm getting there.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ask Huffle

The Katnip Lounge Cats said: CC wants to know what your favorite color is, and we want to ask Teddy how big he intends to get.
Oh! And do you two share a litter box?

My favourite colour is purple.  The first soft and warm bed mum and dad bought for me - on the day I adopted them - is purple and I still have it.  I don't sleep in it so much since I got my toasty bed, but I store all my mouses in there.


Teddy says he is not done growing yet. I am 3.4kg, he is about 4.5kg, and who knows when he will stop? He's not even one year old yet so I worry that he will get very very big.

We do not share a litter box. When Teddy moved in, dad bought him two of his own litter boxes but he doesn't like them - he prefers to go outside. Since he is allowed in the back yard now, he is slowly fertilising all the garden beds. I do NOT like going outside, and will come inside to use my litterbox, then go back outside. Mum and dad think this is strange.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

The Florida Furkids said: Show us your Mom's shoes??? Okay...our Mom put us up to that!!

Summer Shoes

Winter Shoes

Special Shoes

p.s. she has bought lots more since these photos were taken, and these photos don't include all the shoes which aren't in boxes... another 30+ pairs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teddy on Tuesday

If you sit here and look like a good boy, no-one will ever suspect that you are the devil in disguise.

Teddy 96

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask Huffle

Welcome to the first in a series of posts where I answer your questions!  I'm going to answer them in the order they were asked, so this could take a few days.  Don't worry, I won't forget any of the questions!

Firstly, Sparkle said "You don't talk about food that much, Huffle - why don't you tell us a little bit about your food likes and dislikes, and Teddy's too?"

I refuse to eat any tinned food that isn't Fancy Feast.  Mum and dad have tried every kind of food under the sun, but I won't eat anything else.  My favourites are the ones with delicate sauce.  I also like the beefy gravy type.


I LOVE prawns and ham, but don't get either of them very much.  Poor deprived Huffle.  I don't like other kinds of fish by itself, just the ones in the delicate sauce.

We also have t/d food available all day. There is a secret bowl of Eukanuba kitten food upstairs too, and we both eat that. My vet said it was okay for me to eat some so I do!

Teddy eats anything because he is a pig.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Serene Sunday

I think the garden does a good job of disguising my white whiskers!

Huffle 03

Well, aside from one.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Silly Saturday

Well no, of course I wouldn't be eating the plants.  I am the good cat, after all.

Huffle 06

Although they are VERY tempting.

Huffle 10

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Friday

I like to get back to my Explorer Cat roots every now and then. Sometimes that means being a jungle cat.

Huffle 07

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday on the balcony

This is a photo from last year but I thought you might all need a shot of my cuteness for your Thursday!

Huffle 307

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Telling

I have convinced mum to help me post every day for the next month.  This is because I am well on my way to 1,000 posts and I want to get there!  If it wasn't for mum's laziness, I would have been well past 1,000 posts already.  Anyway this is post 971 so look out for a full month of daily posting!

Having said that, I've been blogging for a long time now - coming up to four years - and I am starting to run out of inspiration and ideas for things to talk about.

So, if you have any questions you want to ask me or Teddy, feel free to submit them in the comments and from next week I'll start answering them.

Huffle 203

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mancat Monday

A study in contrasts.

January 2011:
Teddy 14

July 2011:
Teddy 84

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't mess with your kitty

My dear friend Mr Puddy posted the other day about not messing with your kitty, because they will get their revenge on you, and he said we should share some stories.  So here is mine.

In the evenings, I go upstairs with mum and dad and while they brush their teeth and get ready for bed, I get in the shower and drink some water.  Here's a photo of me doing that:

Huffle 104

Except one night, dad forgot to let me in the shower! I had to wait for mum to realise that I was sitting patiently waiting and she let me in.

So I got in the shower and drank some water and then I sat in the water and got my pantaloons and tail all wet.

Then I went and jumped on dad in bed, and he got all wet too! Ha!

Don't mess with your kitty.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teddy on Tuesday

Look at all those whiskers!  He is out of control.

Teddy 93

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Strut

I used to go out in the back garden a lot, and under these bushes was my secret hiding place.  It's dark under there and because I am black, I am well camouflaged.

Huffle 702

Since Teddy arrived and ruined my good times, I do not go outside much any more because he goes in the back yard a lot. Mum hopes that at the new house I will spend some more time out in the sun because I like doing that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally Friday

The good news is that the builder is taking longer than dad thought to renovate the house we are supposed to be moving to, so it might be a few more weeks before we go!

Huffle 101

This makes me very happy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Look at this face.

Teddy 88

This does not look like the face of a monster does it? But he is. Teddy cannot help himself and jumps on me All The Time. The other day, he jumped on me and then bit my ear! Mum yelled at him real loud for that. And he spent two hours in the garage.

What a goon. A fluffy goon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Meme

My dear friend Mr Puddy tagged me to do this meme ages ago and I nearly forgot!  But I am doing it now.  Sorry it's taken me so long, Mr Puddy.  Here are the questions.

1. Do I think I'm hot?

I am not sure about this, I mean I like to be toasty and last summer when it was over 40 deg C I was lying out in the sun, so I was hot then.  But not all the time.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper I am using.

Broome 32

This is the desktop on mum's iMac at the moment, which is where I sit to do my blogging. It's Cable Beach in Broome.

3. When was the last time I ate chicken?

Every time mum cooks chicken I am allowed to have a little bit. So I get chicken at least once a week.

4. The song I listened to most recently?

The last song that was played on Apple TV today was Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys. Mum thinks she can sing like that, but she can't really.

5. What am I thinking while I am doing this?

I am thinking about taking another nap!

6. Do I have nicknames?

Soooo many nicknames:
Little Girl
Snoopy Pawson
Those are just a few of my nicknames.

7. Tag 8 bloggie friends.

Okay I don't like to tag friends because a) I am lazy and b) I don't want anyone to miss out. If you would like to do this meme please go ahead! Let me know so I can come and see your answers.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Stuff

I let mum take this photo of me the other day when she was rolling around on the ground taking photos of her shoes, but at the last moment I tricked her and turned away! When she started to take the photo I was looking right at the camera.

Huffle 102

I am too clever for the pupparazzi here!

And now you can see that the thing you thought was grass in my photo last week is in fact a thread hanging from my collar.  It's been there for ages and I won't let mum or dad near me with scissors, just in case they get ideas about cutting my toenails or something.