Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the winners are...

Welcome to the medal ceremony for Competitive Napping in the Cat-O-Lympics! It's been a pretty exciting week of competition, I must say. Before we go on, I'd like to thank Fin for hosting the Cat-O-Lympics in the first place, to Glogirly (Katie's human) for making the medals, and to every single kitty and pup who entered the competition. Every one of you did a marvellous job and it was extremely difficult for the judges to make a final decision.

As we saw yesterday, Paddy took out the People's Choice award for that truly amazing Treestyle Napping photo. Congratulations once again Paddy. Now, the medallists.

I have awarded medals in two categories. The first category is general napping and there were a lot of amazing entries in this field.

The second category is "sleeping where you're not meant to". This was optional and I had some very impressive entries in this category too. I'm going to call this the "naughty" category.

The general bronze medal winner, for demonstrating that sleeping with your head down the stairs is comfortable, is Jack-a-Roo from Cybersibes. Congratulations Jack!

medal bronze badge copy


The naughty bronze medal winner is Drill Sgt Zim of the Army of Four. He wages an almost daily battle with his mum over being allowed to nap on the Sitzbank. Well done Zim!


Wear your medals with pride!

The general silver medal winner, for managing to sleep while sitting upright, is Shadow from Meow Family. Well done Shadow!

medal silver badge copy


The naughty silver medal winner is Derry from Fuzzy Tails. Not to be thwarted by his mum's attempts to stop him from sleeping in the pot by putting chicken wire over it, Derry ignores the discomfort and carries on! You make me proud, Derry!


Enjoy your silver medals!

The general gold medal winner, for what has to be the most dramatic sleeping pose we've ever seen, is Tuna from Kitty Stampede.

medal gold badge copy


Congratulations Tuna, you beat out some wonderful competition to win the gold.

And the naughty gold medal winner, for being the naughtiest kitty to strike a napping pose anywhere in the world, is Snafu from Cat of Nine Tails.

Snafu in strainer

I'm so proud of you, I could burst, Snafu! Enjoy your gold medal!

Once again, thank you to every single pup and kitty who entered. I would have liked to give a medal to everyone who competed, so I hope you've all collected your participation badge at the very least!

Participation Badge

Mum says we are having Monday off to recover from this massive event, so I'll see you back for regular Huffle Mawson programming on Tuesday! Well done everycat and everydog.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

People's Choice Award

Well, this part was easy. The winner, by a very big margin, was Paddy from Cats in Trees for her Treestyle Napping photo.


Congratulations Paddy! Please wear your gold medal with pride.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's time to choose

Well, I hope you've all been really impressed with the standard of entries into Competitive Napping at the Cat-O-Lympics. I know I have, and I am having all sorts of trouble choosing the medallists.

Meanwhile, everycat and everydog who entered gets this badge:

Participation Badge

And now it's time for you all to choose your favourite. I was going to do a poll but blogger couldn't cope with so many names so I need you all to leave a comment and tell me the name of your favourite competitor today. I'll be awarding medals tomorrow, and then reveal the winner of the People's Choice award on Sunday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Competitive Napping Finalists 6

Welcome everyone to the final day of competition at the Cat Olympics Competitive Napping event! It's been a massive week and we'll be winding up today with some great competitors. Let's get started.

First up are the Beaded Tail girls. Isabella has pulled out the floofy belly pose, always a favourite with the judges.

And here's Angel, making herself completely at home in the bed.
Angel BeadedTail

From Milo and Alfie's family, Gorjuss Ginger Gizmo is competing with an excellent entry. Note he is ON the bed and UNDER the blankets. Good work Gizzy!

Up next are the competitors from the Bumpass Hounds and Kitties family. There are lots of them, so let's get started.

Jenny on Logbook

Boru (bonus points for showing one of our favourites, Maxdog in South Africa?):

Alex P Kitten, extra points for ignoring the furry butt in his way:
Al & Jubal's butt

Sophie (multiple nappers entry):
BH Sophie

Shiloh (size of a small horse, bonus points for being as flat as possible):
BH Shiloh sleeping

Shelby Belle:
BH Shelby Belle

Radar (blind as a bat, no tail, napping like a champion):
BH Radar

Max, determined to nap even without any creature comforts:
BH Max

BH Jubal 5

JEB, with a surprise appearance by Boru:

Jack, doing an excellent job of getting in the way in the kitchen:
BH Jack

Homer J, trying to nap with a sock AND a t-shirt on, oh the indignity!
BH HomerJ

Abby, also getting in the way in the kitchen. Good work Abby!
BH Abby

And finally a posthumous entry from Chance, letting it all hang out as he naps with his mum:
BH Chance

Here's our Romanian competitors, Chicco, Pusi and Tudor.

This photo of Chicco sleeping in his favourite box totally makes me laugh:

Here's Pusi in his CTRL+SHIFT+SLEEP position:

And Tudor, in synchronized sleep with his orange girlfriend:

Our final competitors come from the fine state of Merryland. It's Queen Meeshka and the gimpy gang, showing everydog and cat how multiple napping is done.

We'll call this one "total couch domination". A fine effort:

Here we have the Human Woman NOT getting in the way of a good nap. She makes for a nice pillow, so Meeshka tells me:

Possibly the most dramatic display of the three point sprawl we've seen so far:

And last but certainly not least, napping within a confined space. Yes there's more bed, but the doona only covers part of it so that's the part that must be napped within.

And with that, the competition is now closed! We've had a massive number of entries from the cat and dog blogosphere, and every single one has shown great napping ability.

Please come back tomorrow to vote in the People's Choice Awards, and then our medal ceremonies will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, if you thought you had entered the Competitive Napping event but didn't see your entry over the past six days, email me right now and I'll fix that right up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Competitive Napping Finalists 5

Our first competitor today comes all the way from Denmark - it's Cliff! Showing everyone that being an indoor apartment cat means you have lots of time to train for competitive napping.


Coming in next are Leo and Abby. I think Leo's in competition with Abby for this one!

It's time for our Florida Friends. Their mum says they are not supposed to nap on the furniture. I never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. All the furniture is there for the kitties.



Next in the ring is Harley from Funny End of the Tail. I don't know if that looks really comfortable Harley, but you know, if you're happy, I'm happy.
Harley Napping contest

Our next entrants are Cujo and Dixie. I am so impressed with Cujo's head resting position I almost don't know what to say! Talk about a high degree of difficulty!
Dixie & Cujo in bed Jan 09

Here's Miss Daisy Daffodil napping amongst the roses! It's a veritable bouquet of kitty napping.

The next competitors are going for quadruple gold. Multiple cat competitive napping scores very highly! Here are Billy, Bowie, Jonny and Mikey.

Tygana from One Cat's Nip shows strongly here, with a severe head tuck and lovely dangling paw.

Please welcome Audrey into the ring. The judges are already considering awarding extra points for the blissed out expression on Audrey's face!

Representing Romania, please welcome Sakura! The half lifted head, the paws, the toys, it's all looking good for Sakura.

Here come the Furry Bambinos! First we have Caramel, showing some great floof-to-chair colour co-ordination:

And Cookie, firstly showing some very good gymnastic form:

And then competing with a high degree of difficulty because she's napping in the transport box that normally takes her to the v-e-t!

Last in the ring today is Fin, of Housecat Confidential. She's pulled out the big guns, with floofy belly and cute paw positioning.

I know I said we'd have five days of competition but I had some last minute entries so there'll be one more day of competition tomorrow! Tune in then for the last of our entrants.