Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm so excited

See that badge under my title there? That means the Army of Four said I could be a trooper with them! Supreme Commander Stormy said there are some kitties like me already in their troops so I would fit right in. I'm so excited. I wonder if I will have to undertake any covert missions? Because I'm black, I can be invisible sometimes!

This morning dad had to get up at quarter to dawn (his words not mine). I think that meant at 5.30am. He was driving some friends to the airport. Mum and I stayed in bed til 6am, then she got up and I stayed in bed to guard it from intruders. You never know when Salvador might try and sneak in. He isn't to be trusted, you know. He doesn't blog, he's not black and he's not in the army. Very suspicious if you ask me.

It's a long weekend in Australia. Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and since Grandpa fought in the Vietnam War we think it's important. As far as I'm concerned, it means mum stays in bed longer because she doesn't have to go to work. But since I'm in the army now, it's important for me to recognise ANZAC Day and have an extra nap in honour of the occasion.


Bobby said...

Hi I am Grumpy Bobby I don't even know if I like cats I don't know If I have tasted them before proberbly not.
But I will make an exception as there seems to be an army of you now, but mostly because you are voting for Turbo. Don,t worry about not getting a parcel I don,t even have a propper home.
Little Bobby

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Trooper Huffle!

how exciting! and celebrating with extra naps.. ooohh extra naps are ALWAYS good!

love, licks and tail wags..

Ben xxx

The Army of Four said...

Blogger ate my comment. Bad manners or an enemy agent? You decide!
Hey, the Trooper badge looks GREAT and is working just fine! I'll get SGT Zim to add you to the master list of Troopers.
Happy ANZACS Day to you - we'll put a special post up tomorrow.
Tail wags,