Monday, April 14, 2008

When will they ever learn?

My grandparents (dad's parents) came to visit last night. They didn't bring me any new mouses to play with. It's just not good enough, I had to resort to chasing my own tail for entertainment. I mean, really. But I was clever, mum got the video camera out so I just sat down and did nothing.

I had a comment from Ben the Rottie this weekend (thanks for visiting, Ben) who said that polar bears are not as good as rotties. Now I don't know much about rotties (although Ben seems very nice and friendly) but my grandpa has a dog who is nicknamed the Polar Bear (see earlier post about Uncle Buckley) and he is very scary. I think it's because my whole catness is about the size of his head. Last time he came to visit I had to hide upstairs because he is so big. So I agree with Ben, rotties are waaaay nicer than polar bears.

And besides, my mum had a rottie (called Max) and her best fried was a black cat like me! It has to be a sign.

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BenTheRotti said...

Hi Huffle,

glad to hear you agree about Rotties being better than Polar Bears.. we are much cuter and far less vicious. I would let you sleep on my belly for a dog treat or two.. can you see a polar bear being so accomodating??

There should be a law against grandparents arriving empty handed! Chasing your own tail is not a satisfactory pastime when you could have been chasing a floofy mouse.

Good on you for refusing to act up to the camera, I have that skill pretty much wrapped up too. I behave like a goofball until I see the camera emerge and then I decide it's naptime hehehe

slushy smooochies,

Ben xxxx