Friday, August 10, 2012

Freaky Friday

Teddy 194

If you can tell me what's wrong with him, you can have another Olympic medal!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wrap Up

In other Olympic news, Teddy was awarded a bronze medal in the Balance Beam, and I won gold in the Strong Cat competition!  We are very excited and this is how we plan to celebrate:

Teddy 166

Huffle 213

Yep, we are pooped out from all the partying.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Medal Presentation - Competitive Napping

Firstly, I would like to say congratulations to every single cat, dog and hamster who entered Competitive Napping.  It was one of the biggest events of the Games, and truly you are all winners.

But, our independent judges have made their decisions.

Medal Bronze

The Bronze medal is awarded to: Genji Chan!  The judges said they spent a lot of time looking at the photo and couldn't tell where Genji stopped or started.  Congratulations Genji!

Medal Silver

The Silver medal is awarded to: Tater Tot! Our judges said it was the look on Tater Tot's face that sealed the deal. Well done Tater Tot!

medal gold

And finally, the gold medallist for Competitive Napping in 2012 is: Mr Darcy! What the judges want to know is, did you eat the mouse that was attached to that laptop? Congratulations Mr Darcy!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. There are some very creative nappers out there in the Blogosphere. I'd also like to thank the judges, who could not be bribed in any way even though I tried. Thanks to my mum for putting together the posts for last week - it was a very big job. And finally, thank you to everyone who hosted an event during these Olympics. It was even bigger than 2010 and now I think I shall sleep until it's time for the Winter Games in 2014.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Competitive Napping Event Day 5

Welcome to the final day of competition!  We still have a few entries to get through so let's get started.

This is Chloe.  She seems to have made quite the nest for herself behind the cushion on the couch there.

This is Casey the Boxer. Jaunty scarves seem to be all the rage at the moment, don't they?

This is Mayzie Gal's brother Capn Ripley, who is over the Bridge. But we had to let this entry in. I mean, just look at it.

Here, Candy is doing double duty by napping, AND spreading furs all over the clean clothes. Multitasking as its best.

Next up is Brulee. I don't think I've ever seen so much floof on one cat. Teddy isn't even in her class.

Here's Brinskey Winksey from the Houston Pittie Pack. Sleeping on your human is always more comfortable, I think.

Jasper submitted this photo of his friend Bogey (because Bogey doesn't have a blog). This is totally awesome.

Here's young Bibi-Chan, in a non-Houbibi moment. I believe those are Tommy's legs behind him too.

Um, Bernie, I think there may be more comfortable places to sleep? And where do you put your food?

It's monorail cat! No, it's just Ben, napping on the banister. High degree of difficulty here!
Ben competitive napping on banister

Oh Bella. You look so comfortable there. I think.

I just love this photo of Allie with her pink toes, having a spa day in the sun. Too cute for words.

And finally, last but definitely not least, Aimee, making herself comfortable and making sure the human doesn't get much room. Way to go, Aimee.

And there you have it. All the entries for Competitive Napping. It's been a massive week of competition and now the judges will retire over the weekend and make their decisions. Good luck to all of you, and thank you to everyone who entered. You are all winners in my book! See you on Monday for the medal ceremony.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Competitive Napping Event Day 4

First up today we have Iza, Ayla and Marley. Ayla was not going to be denied the right to sleep in the middle!

This is Horatio Petrushka Nutkin, from the Cherry City Kitties. Are pizza boxes really that comfortable? Enquiring kitties want to know.
Horatio Petrushka Nutkin

This is Goose. I think there's a story about those ears we need to hear!

A crowd favourite and a long time friend of mine, Ginger Jasper. Look and learn, young kitties.

Here's young Genji from the Chans in France. Is it just me or does he look like a kangaroo here?

Next up is Garth Riley. I defy you to figure out the paws and tail!

Here's Flynn. It kind of looks like he's doing ballet in his sleep, doesn't it?

This is Figaro and Ellie. At least, I think there are two cats in this picture.

And here's Figaro flying solo. One of my favourite pictures in this competition.

Faraday, do you not want us to see your handsome face?

Whatever that bush is, Eric, I hope it doesn't have thorns!

This is Pumpkin Puddy. You might think, she's in a stroller, so what? But she's AT BlogPaws in a massive crowd! It takes talent to nap in that situation.

This is Einstein the hamster. What a furry cute face!

This is Domino. I wonder if Domino was inspired by Snafu's medal-winning performance two years ago?

Last to compete today is Declan. Every time my mum sees this photo she laughs hysterically.
Declan snoozing

That's it for today. Tune in tomorrow for the final competitors!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Competitive Napping Event Day 3

It's another big day of competition here at the competitive napping event. We have plenty of kitties and pups ready to get their cute on!

This is Moe. Anyone would thinks she's shy!

This is Missie, all the way from Romania! We don't get too many Romanian kitties entering. Excellent form, Missie.

Does Miss Melly Hamilton Weekes really need an introduction? I thought not.

Here's Maxwell showing us all what to do when the dreaded suitcases come out. I might try this next time my mum and dad think about going away.

We all loved this picture of Mario da Cat when it arrived. Seriously.

This is sweet Madi. Isn't she adorable?
Madi Competitive Napping

This is Ling. I wasn't sure if I needed to add a modesty patch or not to this photo!

This is Leo from the Celestial Kitties. Some of those paws are facing the wrong way. I'm just not sure which ones.

Kjelle Bus (aka Charlie Rascal) was the second entry we received, and right away Huffle Dad was impressed.
Kjelle Bus

Kip's mum said this was his gunshot position. I think she may be right.
Kip competitive napping in gunshot position

This is KC, giving the stinkeye to whoever woke him up. Rude.
KC snoozing

Katie has been having a massive few weeks, what with her Petties nomination and the big week of giveaways, so it's no wonder she needed a nap.
katie napping

Jimmy is lucky. He has a real electric fireplace to warm himself and nap on. We have a cold empty fireplace.
Jimmy competitive napping ontop of electric fireplace

Armani is a gorgeous mancat, but he really shouldn't be sleeping in JB's pink bed, should he?

This is Jasper. He feel asleep in his mum's arms. So adorable! Jasper is fairly new to blogging and doesn't have many friends yet so drop in and say hi to him!

Well that's it for day three. Are you exhausted yet? I sure am! See you tomorrow.