Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nothing to report

It's Saturday today which means mum spends a longer time in bed in the morning, drinking the coffee that dad brings her, while he goes downstairs and reads the news online. That means I get to stay in bed too! Mum even got up and I stayed in bed!

I went out and lay in the sun during the day, but then I got tired again and went back upstairs for another nap this afternoon. I only got up when it was time for dinner.

Tomorrow I might go outside for a bit but mum says it's meant to rain so I might not. I'm a black cat, I can do what I like.

I'd like to say thanks to Turbo for visiting my blog, he is a very nice Siberian Husky from the USA who is running for President of Dogcountry. Even though he's a dog I will vote for him because he believes in many good things. I read his blog every day and so should you!

1 comment:

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Huffle,

wow you are as lazy as me, that makes you ok in my book.. I would stay in bed all day if Mum let me but she is a mean mum and makes me get up :(
Please could you tell your Mum thank you for stopping by my blog and send her HUGE rotti hugs and licks and a very special rotti kiss right on her nose.

Nice to meet you and your Mum, I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.. oh and Rotti's are waaaaay better than polar bears :p

Ben xxxxxx