Monday, April 28, 2008

The wasteland

I promised the Ao4 I'd post a picture of our backyard so they could compare it to theirs. So without further ado, here is our wasteland, featuring me!
As you can see, we have no grass (Meeshka's human woman would be devastated) and no pretty flowers or plants. That's petty much what both the front and back yards look like. Mum has posted some more pictures on her blog but they don't have me in them so they're not worth looking at.

And I had a question about what happened to my favourite mouse, as featured in my last post. I played with it and it accidentally got nearly de-stuffed. I am a siberian husky in disguise!

1 comment:

Shmoo said...

oh yeah, actually if the yard was MEANT to have no grass, she may like that better, as she constantly complains about the mowing of the grass and we have to deal with having it tickle our delicate po-pos when her lazy human woman self won't go out and mow.