Monday, April 21, 2008


I've had a busy weekend. Some of mum's friends came over yesterday (they didn't bring me any new mouses - this is getting out of hand) but they did play with me and tell me how pretty I am. Well duh, as if I didn't know that already.

Saturday mum did some washing so I had to supervise the clothes being hung out on the line. If I don't watch her mum gets it wrong sometimes. Then I was tired and had to have a nap. It was a nice sunny day so I lay out in the backyard and soaked up some rays.

This morning mum caught me chasing my tail again. What can I say, if I had new mouses to play with I wouldn't have to do it. Speaking of mouses, my favourite grey one has gone missing. I'm blaming Salvador. He still hates me.

Turbo has put up the new food pyramid that we all need to be aware of. I have asked if I would be allowed to substitute ham for bacon, as I really like ham. If he says no I will just eat bacon, like he says I should.

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H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Yes, you can substitute ham if you so choose. Anywoo can substitute whatever they choose.

I, also, have to watch my Human closely so that she doesn't get things wrong. She's left the house with her pants on backwards!