Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In the army

Well, I hope to join the army. Then my army mates and I can chase Salvador away and I can get on with the business of training mum and dad properly.

In honour of my (hopefully) joining the army, here is a picture of me on guard duty. As you can see, I am carefully guarding the bed from intruders.

Oh and I should point out, this is not mum and dad's bed. Oh no, it's my very own bed in my very own bedroom. I have to guard it, you never know who might try and come in. Sometimes "visitors" use my bed but mum always asks me first and tells the "visitors" that they have to leave the door open so I can come in if I want. It's only fair.


M Gonzales said...

you have your own place too huh? me too... i just had to come by and give you some sloppy kisses xoxxo... or at least thats what my black kitty friends like over here~ I hope you have a productive week my friend ;)
Coconut & friends

The Army of Four said...

Huffle! Thanks for visiting our blog! We would love to have you join the Troopers in the Ao4! To get the very cool animated gif to display in your side bar, send us an email to our top-secret email address: SibeTracker at yahoo dot com. I think you know what I mean; hopefully spammers don't. As soon as you get it loaded up, let us know, and I'll add you to the list of Troopers!
We do have a few other kitties as Troopers, so you'll fit in just fine.
Tail wags,
Supreme Commander, Ao4