Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poo Face Salvador

Some of you yesterday said you had never seen a picture of Salvador before. That's because he is mean to me and this is my blog, not his! But just to show you that I can share, here is another picture of him looking mean.

You can't really tell from the pictures but he is a lot bigger than I am. In this picture he is sitting on top of his cat tower and plotting the downfall of everyone in this house (he forgets that mum buys the food and dad gives it to him).

Today mum had coffee in bed and I nearly spilt it everywhere! I jumped on her lap and headbutted her hand that was holding the coffee cup. It was nearly a coffee tsunami in the bed. It would have been really funny. But because she managed not to spill any, I dipped my tail in when she wasn't looking and she found some black furs at the bottom.

Today is cold and rainy so I'll be doing this all day...


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hmmmm, is Salvador really that much bigger than you are? I think we need to see a picture of you and Salvador together.

Princess Eva

One of the pack said...


I'm sending Lola to take care of the mean Salvador for you! She can fit all of Salvador in her biggo mouth.

Good job with the tail. We've never seen a coffee tsunami. We'll work on that one too.

Witty Kitty

Khady Lynn said...

Your Salvador looks my my mom's sisters former kitty Tess. She was kinda cranky too.

Absolutely nothing wrong with snoozing. And often. I do it ALL the time!


The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, say. He DOES look pretty mean in that picture. You know, Ammy has really taken a liking to you, Huffle. I think she'd be happy to take care of Salvador for you. I'm sure Khyra would help, too. I'll try to find the car keys and drive over to Australia. I wonder how long it'll take?
Play bows,

Marley said...

Boo to Salvador being so mean to you!! That's like how Bones treats us...she's the alpha kitty...and the alpha EVERYTHING in this house!
BIG props to you and the coffee fiasco. You really must be part husky!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That headbutt trick is great. Sometimes the humans drop tasty items.