Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend weather

Today it is pouring with rain at my house. Mum noticed it was raining at 5am when I woke her up (I wanted to get under the doona because it was cold) and it was still raining when we had our coffee in bed at 9am. It's just after lunch now and still raining!

I'm talking about the rain because a) it's the first time in about 25 million years that it's rained like this and b) it's preventing me from going outside and being an explorer cat! Okay, so maybe not 25 million years, but at least a few months. You don't have a drought for 11 years with rain like this.

Coffee in bed passed without incident and now I'm tucked up in my huffle bed snoozing the day away. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to post about my meme memoir. Did you see Wilbur's? It was fantastic. I wish I had my pilot's license too. But since I don't even like going in the car, perhaps it's not the best plan. Witty Kitty, perhaps you should do one too!

Later I will supervise mum doing the washing. An Explorer Cat's work is never done! Perhaps I am a working breed like my best pup-bud Zimmie.


Khady Lynn said...

Rain sucks. I like to lay around outside in the nice weather, and don't like rain either.

Can't wait to see your memoir!!


The Army of Four said...

Sigh. Having coffee in bed. Now THAT'S a job I could wrap my paws around!
I already did the meme thing, but Storm, Am and Dave are doing theirs today! I can't wait to see yours!!!
Play bows,

One of the pack said...

Howdy Huffle.

Coffee in bed? Really? Mom doesn't eat/drink in bed, but she does feed Lola cereal in bed. It's a whole thing around here with those dogs. I'm glad you're inside for the rain. Sometimes I get caught out in a nasty storm and refuse to come home until it passes. Silly Mom thinks I'll run through the rain to come home.

We'll have to compare explorer stories. Enjoy your nap.

Wittie Kittie