Friday, May 2, 2008

Shameful secret

I played with the foil "ball" toy again last night. I couldn't help it! It skitters so nicely along the floor that I am compelled to chase it. I will make mum throw it in the bin tonight so I am not tempted any more.

This morning it was a bit cold in our house so I decided to get under the doona with mum and dad. Dad never pays any attention to me when I jump on the bed so I went over to mum and head butted her. She woke up pretty quickly! Then she lifts the corner of the doona up and lets me get underneath so I can claw her (are you proud of me, Meeshka?) and purr very loudly. Sometimes if I am in the middle of the bed dad rolls on top of me and I don't like that. He didn't do that this morning so I am not a flat black cat.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I wonder if there will be coffee in bed???


Shmoo said...

Clawing!!! sniff. I'm very proud, very proud indeed.

Are you sure you are a cat?


Khady Lynn said...

Hello Huffle!! I'm Holly, I'm Dave's girlfriend (Ao4). Turbo and Meeshka are also my friends. Turbo sent me here, so I wanted to say hello! My humom use to have a black kitty named Kirby, who looked just like you!

Can I add your to my friends list?
You will the the first Khat on my list!! Well, except for Wilber (Steve and Kat's cat, and Tia, Sitkas cat).


The Army of Four said...

COFFEE IN BED!?!? I LOVE coffee!!! You're really my kind of kitty!
Play bows,

Thor said...

Hi Huffle! I'm buddies with everyone that has commented so far, and Amber of the Ao4 is my girlfriend! We think you would make a great HULA member!