Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend duties

It's Saturday so I have been helping mum with the washing. I usually supervise her doing the housework like that. We have cleaners who do the hoovering and washing the floors and bathrooms etc but mum still has to do the washing. I make sure she hangs the clothes on the line properly. Sometimes I supervise dad doing the dishes at night too. You can never assume these humans will get it all right.

Mum had her coffee in bed this morning and nothing was spilt; she didn't find any Huffle hairs in her cup either. I am such a good cat!


The Army of Four said...

Hey Huffle! I like to help my mom around the house, too. She says no one can turn a 5 minute task into a 15 minute one quite like I can! What a talent, huh?
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

Woooo Huffle! I love helping mom too. And your mom had Coffee in bed? I would have tried to taste it, I must admit.