Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Chin Scratches

If there's no one around to give you chin scratches, here are some handy tips to show you how to do it yourself. Any pup or kitty can try this at home.

First, find a good height coffee table. Make sure that poo-face Salvador is not on top of the coffee table to jump on your head when you least expect it.

Second, make sure it is a nice colour to match your fur.

Third, use the corner to scratch your chin!

If your mum is not as useless as mine, she will think you are being cute and give you scratches of your own.

(Mum's note: thank doG for dark furniture! My white kitchen wall corners have not fared so well.)


The Island Cats said...

Hi know, I do exactly the same thing you do...rub my face on the edge of the coffee table. Sometimes I even bite the edge which makes my mom mad. Guess she doesn't like teeth marks in the table!

Hey, I think you ARE an Island Cat too! You seem to meet all the requirements! (The most important one is being spoiled rotten!) We're gonna have some Island Cat Club badges made up and when we do, we'll send one to you. You can post it on your blog if you want.

Thanks for visiting us and I hope you visit us again soon!!!

(Wally and Zoey say hi too!)

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

I know what your mum means about white walls... I love to smear my natural kitty oils on white-coloured wall corners... and the fridge!

The Daily Echo said...

Woo! That looks great. I'm going to have to give that a try. Mom's been slacking at the chin scratchies recently so I may have to replace her.

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

At least we don't have a poo-face Salvadore to jump on our heads. So I think we can manage. Thanks for the tips!
your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Let's try this again - I was here before when Blogger was down to refresh the gerbils -

Nice shots!!

BUT I think your mum should always be THERE to skhratch your ithces!!!


meemsnyc said...

Oh, that is so smart! we don't have any short tables in our house. But we get boxes delivered from time to time and we love scratching on the edge of boxes.

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

I do that too, but when my mommy is watching, I intentionally act very pathetic like I just can't get the right hopefully she will feel bad and just scritch me already.

The Army of Four said...

Oooh, that looks like it would feel great. I'm going to have to try it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, right there. That's the spot.
Play bows,

Kapp pack said...

That's a very ingenious idea!

Kisses, Sky boy

Randi Lyn said...

Hey Huffle - nice to meet ya! Sometimes Kayla likes to scratch herself that way on the coffee table. Thanks for being our friend!

Woooo woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

Suka said...

hey Huffle Mawson,

I do that against my human's bed, because it is high enough off the ground that I can rub my face and body all over the side. But the bed cover is an off-white cream color (how do I know that?) and now there is a big black spot where I always rub. Don't show my human, though! So your mum is right, stay away from white things when scratching your own itches!

You seem much more confident in front of the flashy beast. How did it tame you?


One of the pack said...

Great form, Huffle. Next you'll have to show those dogs the right way to do back scratches.


Anonymous said...

Great instructions, Huffle. We try to give equal time to ALL corners in the house. We are nothing if not fair!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Woo are so clever, Huffle. I do somethng like that here all the time, I like to rub my muzzle all along the edge of the sofa. But the difference is that my human doesn't think it is very cute at all.

Wags, Phantom and the rest of the OP Pack

Anonymous said...

That is TOTALLY the perfect place to do chin rubbies when no one is around.

Daisy said...

We used to have something called, I think, a "Catacomb" that is like a brush that attaches to a corner. Then you can even brush yourself.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Good thinking Huffle. Humans are useless and cats need to take matters into their own paws!


Mickey's Musings said...

Heeheehee!!! That dark furniture is good,but the lighter stuff,like walls, is way more satisfactory ;)
All,in,all, Mom's are the best though :)
Purrs Mickey

edda said...

me and my brothers and sister do the same thing!