Monday, December 29, 2008


My friend Fin over at Housecat Confidential has started a new meme. Something to show our people that we love and appreciate them. The rules are: you know I hate to follow a rule, so here are the meme "guidelines." Say five (or more) nice things about your staff/family/beans/parents and then tag any pup or cat you like in your blog or no pups or cats, it's your choice, and the Staff can post it whenever they need a little break, no rush.

Mum and dad are great because:
  • Mum lets me sit on her lap any time, even when it's not convenient for her, like when she's working from home or something, AND she lets me get under the toasty blanket when it's cold
  • Dad always feeds me when I am hungry, and he watches me eat to make sure poo-face Salvador doesn't steal my dinner
  • Mum speaks cat, and always knows the difference between when I want to go outside, or when I want to be let out on the balcony, or when I'm telling her the crunchies bowl is empty and dad needs to fill it up
  • They rescued me from the cat home
  • They both move and let me sleep in the middle of the bed, and dad pats me until he falls asleep
  • They buy me HAM!
They are pretty good parents you know! Anypup or kitty who wants to play, go ahead.


My Two Best Friends said...

Meow Meow Huffle

Well, your Mom and Dad sound very very nice. I tried to think of 5 things that I could say about my Mom but she won't get rid of those Sibe-boys! So I can't say nice things! They pick on us kitty-kats when mom is looking!

MrSippi, Carolina and Mama

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Pawrents of us lucky kitties are the nicest people!

Teleport down to Pablo's - my yacht has docked and we are enjoying a chilled niptini by the harbour. Next time you wanna to go anywhere, just give me a holler - I have a yacht and a magic flying carpet.

Mason Dixie said...

Just thought I would stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Cats with blogs? Good luck with it, hope it becomes as popular. Visit me sometime.

Randi Lyn said...

Ham is good, do woo like bacon too?

WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So, did woo eat all your ham yet?


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Nice to have such a wonderful Mum and Dad - ours are pretty special too. How's the ham coming along?

Woos, the OP Pack

Mickey's Musings said...

Huffle,you really do have your folks wrapped around your paw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pawsome :)
Purrs Mickey

Jack & Moo said...

Woo sure have nice pawrents!


Quill and Greyson said...

Oh Huffle your parents sound great, thanks for playing!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

If they buy ham just for you, I'd keep them.

Meanwhile, I'm looking to trade ours in for better versions.

Princess Eva

P.S. our security word is "uperr". Very appropriate for your blog.

Parker said...

I'd say you have A#1 humans!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Those were great!! I love how your dad pats you until you fall asleep. So sweet!!!

Purrs Goldie

The Island Cats said...

You have a furry nice mom and dad! But aren't they suppose to do all that stuff???

Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy belated Gotcha Day Huffle! Did you get to eat all that ham yesterday? That would be a great way to spend a Gotcha Day.

Your beans are very nice. This is a good meme. It is important to thank the beans for what they do...but only on rare occasions like around the holidays or they decide they want to get paid for serving us.

I hope you got your dinner and your Christmas spirit Salvador!

The Army of Four said...

I wonder if your mom speaks Siberian, too? I'll bet she could learn real fast.
I better not let Dave see the part about your mom letting you sit in her lap. He REALLY would be jealous.
Play bows,

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

I think I must be deprived since I have never had HAM! Great meme!

Quill and Greyson said...

Huffle you can totally share our birthday too, or just pick anyone you like... we're cats!

I hope we get to see a younger side of Huffle, you don't have to show an actual kitten photo.

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Your mom and dad sound pretty great. My mom isn't fluent in cat yet. Sometimes I meow and stare at her until she gets up and follows me around the house to see what I need...I do it just to mess with her.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We can speak from experience that your staff are great!

Steve and Kat