Monday, March 10, 2008

Too hot

Today it's 37 deg C at home. That's way too hot for a black cat like me. I usually spend Sundays out in the backyard lying in the sun but yesterday was nearly as hot and today (which is a public holiday at my house) it's just way too hot for me. Rudely, mum and dad went out for breakfast and turned the air conditioner off! I must watch how they operate the remote next time so I can turn it on myself in the future.

Grandma and grandpa came for dinner on Saturday night. They are not at all well trained, they didn't bring me any new mouses to play with. I will have to do something about that. And Salvador tried to hit me over the head again, mum yelled at him and he walked away. I think he is saving it up for when no-one's home. I don't know why he tried to hit me in front of everyone, perhaps he likes getting yelled at. He is weird.

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