Thursday, March 6, 2008

My brother

My older brother Salvador, who is not black like me, doesn't like me. I don't know why.

When I first arrived home with mum and dad he glared at me and ignored me for a few days. Then he started walking up to me and hitting me on the head. Mum yelled at him for that. He'd walk away and then hit me again when no-one was looking. A few months later he started hiding on top of the coffee table (which is taller than I am) and then jumping on my head when I walked past. Mum and dad yelled at him for that too but he doesn't care. He still does it sometimes.

Mum and dad bought me a nice bed when they brought me home but I couldn't sleep in it for three months because Salvador decided he wanted it. He was bigger than me then, I was so afraid of him.

He also used to eat all my food so now we have to be fed dinner in separate places. He still tries to eat my food but dad watches me to make sure I get enough before he barges in to take over.

If he was nicer to me, we could team up against mum and dad and take over this house. Then there'd be dinner three times a day and yummy snack and lots of new play mouses all the time. I know mum has at least two credit cards, we could buy lots of cat things on e-bay!

Mum got a new car this week. I went and sniffed all around it but there were no mouses to be found. Maybe she'll go and get some with her new car (mum, are you reading this?).

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