Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Telly show cat!

It was so exciting today! Dad came home from work at lunchtime coz he forgot something, and he went out in the backyard to get Salvador and he heard a kitty crying. He looked and looked for it and then found it stuck in the 5cm gap between our garage and the garage next door. Poor kitty!

Dad couldn't get the kitty out, I think it was stuck. So he called the RSPCA and waited for them to come and get the kitty out. When the lady from the RSPCA came, she brought people from a telly show with her! They were from the show Animal Rescue. Mum and dad don't watch it but I know about it.

The poor kitty wouldn't come out even though I went and sniffed at it and meowed to make him come out. The telly show people filmed me and everything! So the RSPCA people called the fire department to come and get the kitty out, coz he wouldn't move even when they offered him my nice huffle food with gravy and everything.

Then a big red fire truck came with its lights flashing and there were three firemen who said they would have to put a hole in the wall to get the kitty out. Dad wasn't very happy but he couldn't see any other way to do it either. I had to go upstairs and have a nap then because it was too exciting for me.

The firemen started banging on the wall with a big hammer and the kitty moved! Eventually they got him out and only had to break two bricks on the corner of the garage. Dad was happy about that and so was mum when she got home to find a fire truck out the front and all these people in her back yard.

The whole adventure took about four hours. Dad wasn't very impressed but he loves kitties so he didn't mind so much. The lady from the telly show said she will ring and tell dad when I'm gonna be on the telly show.

So exciting!!


Anonymous said...

wow, this was way before I knew you!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Interesting story! I am glad the kitty got free!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Wow Huffle. I don't think we knew you then either. So were you on TV, or what?? what happened next? Your dad is nice.
Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We just read this story ~ we're sorry abowt the bricks BUT so relieved the kitty was rescued!