Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How I got here

When I was nearly five years old, I ended up at the Cat Protection Society shelter in Greensborough. I had been there for about three months when mum and dad came to rescue me. They looked at lots of kitties but I was the only one who didn't try and scratch dad when he patted me. They looked into my eyes and were instantly under my spell.

That was at Christmas in 2005. Mum bought me for dad as a Christmas present. I think I am the best present he has ever received.

Nobody really knows how or why I ended up at the Cat Protection Society and I can't really talk about it. The CPS people were nice to me and gave me food and shelter but I was afraid of all the other cats, and I didn't get to eat enough because I was so scared.

When mum and dad took me to my fur-ever home, and I had food available all the time (except when Salvador is eating, but that's another story) I ate so much I made myself sick. And I got very fat! Now my fur is nice and shiny and smooth, and I'm not quite so fat - just festively plump.

Mum and dad think I might have been abused as a little kitten. I was so afraid of people when they first brought me home, and when a man in big boots came to visit I ran away from him. And I HATE having my belly touched. No belly rubs for me, they scare me. I growl and try to bite dad when he does that to me.

But I'm so happy in my new home!

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