Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot cat

It is very hot here. I don't like it. I am staying inside where it is a bit cooler. Today the weather forecast is 40deg C. That is insane!

Last night I couldn't sleep on the bed next to mum because Salvador was on the bed. He is mean to me and I don't like it. So I slept downstairs in my bed with all my mouses. Mum has still not taken photos of all my mouses (I don't know how to use the camera, otherwise I would do it myself) so I will try and remind her this weekend.

This is what Salvador looks like:

See how grumpy he looks? I have to put up with that all the time!

Mum and dad opened the cupboard under the stairs last night. I had to go in there immediately to make sure it was safe.

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