Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Very bad things

I have heard something very bad. In just over three weeks, mum and dad are going on holidays for four weeks and LEAVING ME ALONE! Oh no, what will I do? I don't know how to open the cans of stinky goodness and I can't carry the big bag of crunchies. This is not good news.

Can any pup or kitty help me? If you have any good ideas about what I could do about this very bad news, please leave me a comment or email me.


PurrPrints said...

oh my--that's no good--maybe there is a nice friend or relative who will give you plenty of stinky goodness and crunchy treats?

p.s.- thanks for the nice remarks on my blog award design :)

Pablo said...

Sounds like it's time for a HOUSE TRASHING PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

If LB would stop being nasty fur just a few minutes AND lend his jet to Zim, I think woo would be in good paws -

Sure woo khan't make yourself an attrakhtive kharry on like Sam intended to do to get to his Frankie Girrrrrl?


Mickey said...

You can teleport over here Huffle!!
I am pretty sure you will get a sitter or a hotel!!!!
If ya got to a kitty hotel,we'll be there to party!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

The OP Pack said...

We totally agree with MFT. Zim would be so ready to greet you, he was almost convinced he saw you here yesterday!!! If you could get Roger to the AO4 for his secret mission, surely there must be a way.

Woos to woo, the OP Pack

Randi Lyn A. said...

Awwwww.... 4 weeks, that is a really long time! Maybe WOO can talk them into boarding Salvador so WOO can have the house to yourself?

Wooooo woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

Fin said...

Oh Huffle, this is so disturbing. What are your people thinking, they will miss you so much!! I get very upset when abandoned for just days.

Will you be able to post and comment?

Simcha said...

and how are we expected to go that length of time without our daily dose of Huffle?


Sweet Praline said...

I hope the rumors are not true! Surely mom and dad have someone coming by to check on you.

In the meantime, I sense a House Trashing Party in the making!!!!

cyber-sibes said...

Why don't they ship woo out to stay with Zimmie? Sounds like the purrfect solution to us!

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo

GRRRETA said...

I have three words for you...house trashing party.

Suka said...

hey Huffle Mawson,

I didn't know you kitties liked to thrash and party so much! Seems a lot of your cat friends want to have a house trashing party! You would DJ, right? Are dogs invited?

Anyway, I say while the humans are away plan your own trip and go visit all of your friends around the world. That should take you about four weeks! And I bet you will have a better time than your humans, and be more internationally sophisticated!


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Four weeks? That's a very, very long time. You might not even remember them when they come back. It's for sure they won't recognize the house!

goldenshade said...

House trashing, my friend, is in order!

I will start gathering some shrews for the corpse fling!


Aoise said...

Hey huffle, my miewmie is leaving me too at about the same time. She is going to someplace far away called China. I haf to go to cat pwison and I hate it and shall cwy lots. Maybe we can get togefer and console each ofer ?

The Army of Four said...

You KNOW where I stand on this, Huffle! Come to MY house like everypuppy said! We'd have SUCH a good time! I'll even have my mom go get ham and ice cream!
Play bows,
Your best pup pal,

Daisy said...

OH NOES! Huffle, four weeks is almost forever!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Huffle, that's awful. When I was growing up, our cat used to take bags of bread and rolls and shred the baked goods--but she'd never break the bag. Ari's more creative: she likes to chew books and unmake beds.

If destruction isn't your cup of tea, why not travel yourself? We'd love to have you come tour the states!

Marian said...

Hey Huffle - In 3 weeks, Crazy Lady and D.C. will be coming back from their Iceland cruise. Maybe you could come over here and stay with us!! I'm sure C.L. and D.C. are going to be feeling very guilty by then and you could probably snag some pretty good treats! Or, maybe the Big Boy could go to you and keep you safe at home.
:o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

The Crew said...

Huffle dear, 4 weeks is a long time so you must insist they book a luxury suite at a kitty spa for you.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I guess you're going to just have to come stay with me in the clubhouse.


Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

Meow Huffle

4 Weeks alone!!! You must come and stay with me. I would love to have 4 weeks with my beautiful lovely girlfriend. maybe we can get take a trip together - Just you and me?

Bumpass Hounds said...
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Bumpass Hounds said...

Y'all can come to Bumpass and stay with us. There are 3 of us felines so what's one more. Shiloh is the only dog that's keenly interested in us cats and she stays outside or in the kennel so we don't interact with her at all. The Retrievers are great and no trouble at all and the other Newf, Max, losses interest in us after about a minute, but he stays wherever Shiloh is. You can fly into IAD, DCA, or RIC. We'll make Dad or Mom pick you up at the airport. It'll be 98 degrees here tomorrow (Sunday); that's today (Sunday) where you are. We have lots of warm sunshine on the south side of the house; probably the north side where you live. We won't have to thrash the house cuz the dogs take care of that for us. Lot of stinky goodness and we'll break out the catnip. Let us know which airport you'll be flyiong in to, your flight number and arrival date/time. Party down dude.
- Alex, Boru & Jenny of TBH