Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play session

The other day I was minding my own business and playing with Mr Mouse when the pupparazzi decided to get in on the act. Not just one of them; both of them! Honestly, what's a cat to do?

I was laying around and Mr Mouse and I were talking about my best friend Zimmie...

...when someone came past and tried to steal Mr Mouse away from me! I can't have that - he is my bodyguard and my best friend Zimmie sent him to me all the way from Kansas! I had to get him back:
Luckily I managed to rescue Mr Mouse from his mousenappers and he is back safe with me now. It was a close call though.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

It won't be much longer until the mousenappers are gone fur a long long time!

Harrr -


Fin said...

Looks like Mr. Mouse is going to need his own bodyguard Huffle.

The Army of Four said...

It's like you've become your body guard's body guard!
I'm so glad Mr. Mouse is OK!
Play bows, bestest kit-kat pal!

The OP Pack said...

Hey Huffle, woo sure are having mouse problems. Woo need to get him a disguise so the pupperazi won't recognize him.

Woo, the OP Pack

Randi Lyn A. said...

WOO Huffle -
Mr. Mouse is being a little too passive there... was he on something?

WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

GRRRETA said...

You were very brave to save Mr. Mouse from the mousenappers. Do you think you should hire a bobyguard for your bodyguard? I hear Polie is available.

Anonymous said...

Somehow it just doesn't seem right that you had to save your bodyguard, Huffle. It was very nice of you to do, of course, but isn't Mr. Mouse supposed to be saving you? Purrhaps we just don't understand the dynamics of your relationship yet.

Parker said...

You can never trust what the pupparazzi will do. Thank goodness Mr. Mouse is safe and with you.

Sweet Praline said...

You better hide Mr. Mouse so the beans can't find him.

Mickey said...

Boy!!! All kinds of danders lurk in your house!!! Mr Mouse was lucky you were around to save him!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

The Island Cats said...

Whew! We're glad you got Mr. Mouse back....maybe he's not such a great bodyguard afterall???

Daisy said...

Good job rescuing Mr. Mouse!

Toulouse said...

Whoa, I'm so glad you got your mousie back! I know what it means to have something special from your friend. My lady friend, Athena, sends me pipecleanes. Well mom won't let me play with them so I have to take charge and confiscate them back from her! So enjoy your mousie. It's really cute!
Your Friend,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Is Mr. Mouse going to go on your world tour too?


Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

Meow Huffle

I can not believe someone tried to take Mr Mouse from my darling Girlfriend! I need to come and take care of you!

Purr MrSippi